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I have been suffering with constant knee and back pain for over 20 years. My major convern was the fact that I was in pain and walked humped over. The pain made it difficult to do any physical activities. I thought I was going to suffer from it for the rest of my life.

I found Infinite Wellness on the internet and started coming in February. I am proud to say my results are amazing. The Wellness Center has helped me beyond my imagination. These treatments have helped so much that now I feel good and have more energy. I can walk without being humped over and actually feel like doing things!

Regina C.

I have experienced back pain and numbness in my right arm at times for 6 years. Despite living a healthy lifestyle with exercise the pain continued to worsen. I also had major problems with my sciatic nerve. I was often unable to sit down, woke up with pain at night and would be stiff in the morning. I had trouble putting on socks, could no longer go for walks, and even housework was painful.

After one month of coming to Infinite Wellness I am 90% pain free. I actually have days without any pain. I am mobile, walking the dog again, can touch my toes and am able to bend without pain!

Bettina S.

A little background on me. I am 85 years old and have been walking at least 3 miles per day for years. Last year I started having pain on the inside of my right knee that was progressively worse after my walks. I was not going to let this knee pain stop me from taking my daily walks. First thing I did was go to see my Orthopedic surgeon. He determined I had a slight tear in my MCL. He offered a cortisone injection and said we would re-evaluate from there. I did not want steroids or another surgery. Over the years I’ve had surgery on my left knee and both shoulders.

That’s when I found Infinite Wellness on the internet. I came in for a consultation and they felt I was a candidate for their Regenerative Medicine treatments. January 21st I received an injection called AmnioFix. Dr. Schaffer said AmnioFix is full of growth factors that would help heal my MCL. I continued to walk up to 4 miles per day and after 30 days I was still suffering from the pain. In fact I thought my knee actually getting worse. That is when Dr. Schaffer told me to cut back on the walking because my knee needed to heal. After only a few weeks of walking less per day I started to feel much better. Then I decided increase my walking back to 5 miles per day. Now, 9 weeks after my treatment I am proud to say I’m completely pain free! That is even after walking up to 5 miles per day. It is a great feeling to be pain free without having to have surgery. If you are suffering with knee pain and looking to avoid surgery I highly recommend Infinite Wellness. Currently, I am still walking up to 4 miles per day with zero pain.

Ken S.

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